THE NAME... (The Power and Promises of Jesus)

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What’s in a name?  In the name of Jesus there is salvation, deliverance, victory, healing, forgiveness, cleansing, power, authority, guidance, security, peace...  The list could go on and on.  The Power and Promises of THE NAME Jesus examines many of the promises believers in Jesus Christ have been given in His name.
This is a book written for any who are seeking answers to spiritual questions or a clearer understanding of spiritual truth.  Each chapter of the book begins with an intriguing story which serves as a parable illustrating promises Christian believers have been given in Jesus’ name.  Basic Christian tenets regarding Jesus Christ are brought to light in an interesting format that will not only guide readers to truth, but to application of truth to their own lives.
From chapter 1, “What’s In a Name?”:

...There amidst a multitude of fellow human beings I saw him coming for me.  His focused stare and purposeful gait were unmistakable as he moved swiftly toward me.  I turned to run the opposite direction when I saw another one with the same countenance and stride.  I turned to the right and there was another.  Likewise to the left there was another.  From the north, south, east and west the destroyers were coming for me.  There was nowhere to run.  There was no place to hide.   Fear and desperation gripped my being when I remembered something I had been taught...

From chapter 3, “The Name for Salvation”:

...In all the vast universe, I am but an insignificant particle.  Before the omniscient Creator, I am as a mindless microbe.  When at the pinnacle of my own strength, I am as inert alongside the omnipotent One.  Yet He considers me paramount. — Go figure.   It is inexplicable, but it is true...

From chapter 5, “The Name for Restoration”:

...Faster and faster the chase went on down the parkway.  Jock would swerve quickly to change lanes, but Rocky would swerve right with him, their tires squealing each time.  Everyone was whooping and hollering, but I was terrified.  I could feel the chilling presence of evil with us in that speeding car, and my mind began to race as well.  “What am I doing here?”...

...Adhering to Biblical precepts enhances our lives as well as helping us to avoid certain pitfalls which could ultimately destroy us.  But what about when we haven’t avoided the pitfalls?  What happens when we stumble and fall right into the pit?  Is there still hope for the person who has known and accepted the Lord in the past but somewhere along the way has strayed from that relationship?  Can that relationship be restored?...
From chapter 7, “In Jesus’ Name We Pray”:
Paul Anderson emptied the contents of the small plastic pouch into his hand.  He had carried this pouch in his wallet for years.  Now, as he stood on a mountain top with a brisk breeze blowing, tears inched down his cheeks as he held up his open hand and released the tiny bits of torn paper like confetti into the air.  Torn paper representing torn dreams scattered and lost forever to the four winds.  “Why God?  I don’t understand why.”  He spoke the words softly, not in anger.  His voice was raspy and exuded all the emotion of an aching heart.  Something had died inside of him.  “In Jesus’ name I asked you to prevent this.  I don’t understand.  I don’t understand.  I don’t...”  His voice trailed off as he finally submitted to defeat...
...Why do awful things sometimes happen to good people?  Why do earnest, sincere prayers sometimes go unanswered?  Sometimes, even when we say the magic words “In Jesus’ name,” we don’t get what we want... 

Through a series of most intriguing stories, author Andy Pruitt will guide you to a greater understanding of the authority and blessings available to you in Jesus’ name.  You will truly be enlightened by the insights contained within this thoroughly enjoyable book.



Andy Pruitt has uniquely and successfully brought to light some of the most basic Christian principles in simple, interesting, easy to understand terms.  A keepsake book for Christians of all ages.



What’s in a name?  It could surprise you, especially if it is the “Name above all names!”  Andy Pruitt’s compelling stories make the point—Jesus is enough!  In Him the power of God is exceedingly abundant for salvation, deliverance and restoration.  In Him we have fullness of peace, joy and love.  In Him we have abundant life.  That’s why we pray in Jesus’ name.  May Andy’s “little book” encourage you to discover for yourself “What’s in His name.”  It could surprise you!



THE NAME... (The Power and Promises of Jesus) is a marvelous and effective tool

in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-believers. 


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