About Leading Edge Ministries

- Leadership Development
- Organizational Leadership Consulting
- Personal Leadership Coaching
- Personal and Organizational Leadership Training Seminars*
- Online Continued Learning and Support
Lead Facilitator:    Andy Pruitt
                                Foursquare Pastor,
                                Leadership Coach,
                                Organizational Leadership Consultant,
                                Adjunct Professor - Life Pacfic College
Contact:                andy@andypruitt.com
                               Helping to build God's kingdom by...
                                        - ...Equipping leaders to lead
                                        - ...Assisting orgainzations toward their destinations
                              In the visual image of a naval officers training and support
                        center, Leading Edge Ministries is to be a vital resource
                        wherewith individual leaders are given the tools and
                        encouragement to receive their orders from the Lord their
                        Commander, prepare their ship and crew for the voyage,
                        and pilot their vessel toward the God-given destination.
Pursuing the Vision for Leaders
The president of the International Foursquare Church has issued a vision for the
church that outlines five targets. The first  target is Leaders:
            We will not build strong and sustainable ministry unless we have healthy,
            reproducing leaders. To that end, I’m asking that we begin a solid training
            model to mentor incoming leaders as well as existing leaders. The pre-service
            training will provide a foundation for equipping leaders to experience
            long-term ministry that is healthy and fruitful. The in-service training will
            borrow from the experience of our present practitioners and leverage
            their gifts to strengthen the work of our hands. We must have multiple
            delivery systems and multiple resourcing options. Let’s leave a legacy
            and a commitment to life-long learning.
Glenn Burris Jr., President of the Foursquare Church
March, 2011
In keeping with this forward looking vision, Leading Edge Ministries and
Life Pacific College are committed to the task of facilitating training and
support for Christian leaders in the classroom and in the field
 Three phases of instructional leadership
development are offered:
1. Focusing Leaders (Self-Discovery Phase):
Course #1
Discovering Your God-given Gifts (Ro 12:6-8)
Course #2
Focusing Leaders (Discovering Destiny / Personal Vision)
Course #3
Focusing Leaders (Developing your own Personal Calling Statement / Becoming Intentional)
Course #4
Discovering Your Leadership Style, Discovering Your Personal Avenue to Connect with God
2. Focusing Organizations (Basic Organizational Leadership Skills Phase):
Course #5
Leading Change
Course #6
Developing Collaborative Teams (doing ministry as a team)
Course #7
Conflict Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Dynamics
Course #8
Strategic Communication, Organizational Behavior
Course #9
Developing a Learning Organization, Mentoring and Coaching
3. Focusing on Remaining Focused (Ongoing Development and Networking Phase): 
[primarily facilitated with secure online platform]*
-   Online support and resources
-   Continued online learning tools
-   Online discussions and networking facilitated
-   Online articles and updates offered

*NOTE:  Online platform for Phase 3 is still being developed. Check back often for updates and progress.

Seminar/Workshops may be conducted as retreats (the best venue),
or as a series of classes with homework  between. In some cases
online assessment tools will be utilized. 
Registration fees will vary depending on your needs and parameters.
Contact Andy Pruitt (LEM) personally to tailor a package and fee schedule
for your leadership group.  andy@andypruitt.com


Personal Leadership Coaching

Personal Coaching provides focused one on one time with your Purpose Coach
to promote positive personal progress in your life, relationships, business, etc.
If you are ready to stretch toward your God-given destiny in your person,
relationships, spirituality, leadership potential; personal coaching will help you
experience the joy and fulfillment of being and doing exactly what the Creator has
created you to do and be. Choose the package that suits your needs and goals:

                        -    Leadership Development Coaching

                        -    Life Alignment Coaching

                        -    Career Alignment Coaching

                        -    Relationship Coaching

                        -    Custom Coaching Packages


                        -    Two monthly coaching sessions (45 min. each)

                        -    Access to your coach anytime via e-mail or phone

                        -    Access to online tools and resources

                        -    Quarterly reviews and recaps

                        -    Quarterly client newsletter

    Cost:         $250/month, except for custom coaching packages by
                        arrangement with your coach.


Organizational Leadership Consulting

How is the health of your organization? Are you fulfilling your purpose and meeting
your goals? Are you frustrated with certain areas of dysfunction? Evaluative
consultation services are available for your organization, church, church staff,
ministry or business teams, para-church organization, or business.


            Services include…

                        -    On site observation of operations

                        -    Confidential Interviews of principals and team members

                        -    Professional analysis and recommendations

                        -    Comprehensive printed report and presentation of findings and

                        -    30 & 90 day follow-up consultations (no charge)

    Cost:        $100/hour, billed
    NOTE: Hours will vary depending on organizational size and circumstances.
    Average consultation is approximately 40 hrs. Thirty and Ninety day
    follow-up consultations will be provided  at no charge to assess progress and 
    re-evaluate for any additional needs.


The Pilot's Commission 


At the Captain’s command set sail.

To the course He directs never fail.


To His order be no hesitation.

Fix the bow toward the destination.


With steady hand, to the way hold fast.

Steer the ship from the start to the last.


                                                             Andy Pruitt – January 25, 2002


...Be careful to do what the LORD your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left.
(Deuteronomy 5:32  NIV)


...Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
(Hebrews 12:1 NIV)


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