About Me (Andy Pruitt)

- Husband   - Father   - Grandfather   - Brother
- Uncle   - Friend   - Advisor   - Ambassador for Christ
- Leader   - Pastor  - Teacher   - Writer
- Motivational Speaker   - Team Builder
- Leadership Consultant   - Coach
Contact Me:  andy@andypruitt.com

P e r s o n a l     C a l l i n g     S t a t e m e n t

Communion with my Lord is central to my daily life wherein my relationship with Him is continually growing and deepening.  I communicate with Him continually through prayer, worship and listening.  Study and meditation upon the Word of God for both ministry and personal devotion is a priority.  Second only to the Lord is my relationship with my wife.  Spending regular quality time with her away from other distractions is essential. Likewise, my family is a priority; lifting up my children and grandchildren in prayer is a core value.


I am called to teach and preach the truths of the Word of God always in proper balance.  I am called to be an ambassador encouraging and fostering unity in the regional and global Body of Christ.  I am called to be a team builder, developing and carrying out ministry as a team.   I am called to be a leader who develops other leaders—helping them to discover their own unique place in the Body of Christ, releasing them to fulfill that place and equipping them to go out and reach others.


I am committed also to God’s call to ministry in the Foursquare Church; whether that be pastoral, teaching, or serving as an individual and organizational leadership consultant. 
I am dedicated to promoting and fostering ministry that will... 

...Reach, Regard, Ready and Release —


    ²Reach the lost and hurting    

    ²Regard people with Christlike love and care    

    ²Ready believers for the work of the ministry    

    ²Release disciples to fulfill their God-given callings.   




B r i e f    S p i r i t u a l    A u t o b i o g r a p h y


Short personal history (Family, childhood and conversion experience)


I am the youngest of five children born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  I was brought up in a Christian home.  I have attended Foursquare churches all my life.  Both of my parents were active in church leadership and taught their children to serve the Lord by example as well as word.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior at age eight in Vacation Bible School in my home church - Kansas City, Missouri Foursquare.  I have walked with the Lord and been involved in Christian ministry most of my adult life.  In 1983 I answered the Lord’s call on my life to train for full time Christian ministry and enrolled in LIFE Bible College (now Life Pacific College).  In 1984 my marriage tragically ended in divorce and I became a single parent to my four children.  In 1990 the Lord blessed me with a new life's partner and I was remarried.  Together, my wife Linda and I have ten children and twenty five grandchildren.  In 1998 I answered the Lord’s call to serve in full-time pastoral ministry.  Since that time I have served as senior pastor of Lighthouse Chapel Foursquare Church in Trenton, Missouri; as senior pastor of Living Water Foursquare Church in Brownfield, Texas; and as the manager of Vineyard Place Retirement Community.  At this season of my life I feel the Lord has called me to be a leader who develops and prepares other leaders.  The primary ministry I am currently pursuing is as a leadership teacher, mentor, coach and consultant.  



Personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior


I first followed a leader in a sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus into my heart at age eight.  I noticed no significant change in my life at that time -- I was only eight and had spent my entire life in Sunday school and church, and that just continued.  Nevertheless, that time stands out significantly in my life and stuck with me through a period of time in my adolescence when I, like many young people, began to question my own faith.  I strayed from the teachings of my parents for a short period of time; but at age twenty one, I prayed another prayer of recommitment of my life to the Lord.  That was indeed an awesome and life changing experience with my Lord.  I have walked consistently with the Lord since that time.  Jesus Christ is my best friend as well as my Lord.  He has been my strength and my stay through many extremely difficult trials of life and my life belongs wholly to Him.     



Statement of my Christian doctrine concerning God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures


I believe in:


The Holy Trinity -- the eternal Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit -


The Father - who, because of His love for a lost and sin entangled mankind, gave His only begotten son to redeem and reconcile us to himself.


The Son - co-existent and co-eternal with the Father; who, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, took upon himself the form of a man, bore our sins and carried our sorrows, and by the giving of His own life and the shedding of His own blood on the cross of Calvary, purchased redemption for all who would believe in Him - that he died and was buried in the tomb, rose from the dead, and ascended to the right hand of the Father where He there makes intercession for those for whom He laid down His life.


The Holy Spirit - the third person of the Godhead, co-existent and co-eternal with the Father and the Son, whose mission on earth is to convict of sin, of righteousness and of judgment; drawing sinners to the Savior.  He further, rebukes, comforts, guides, teaches, baptizes and empowers believers who will yield to His ministry to them; preparing the bride - the church - for the coming again of the bridegroom - the Savior, Jesus Christ.


The Holy Scriptures - the Word of the living God, that it was written by holy men as they were moved upon and inspired by the Holy Spirit; that it is true, immutable and steadfast; that within the Word together with the help of the Holy Spirit all of life’s trials, questions and needs may be answered.



E x p e r i e n c e


Currently serving as an adjunct professor for Life Pacific College, as the proprietor and lead facilitator of Leading Edge Ministries, and under appointment as an assisting minister at the Portland, OR Foursquare Church.


Following years of pastoral ministry, my wife and I served as managers of Vineyard Place, an independent living retirement community. As manager of Vineyard Place Retirement, a Holiday Retirement community, duties included administration of all operations and oversight of the budget.  Experience includes purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, marketing, interviewing, hiring, training of employees, employee performance appraisals, oversight of facilities and grounds.  Led staff of 30 happy employees.  In charge of strategic planning, team building, special events and activities, entertainment, resident relations, and general public relations.  


Served as senior pastor at Living Water Foursquare Church in Brownfield, TX and at Lighthouse Chapel Foursquare Church in Trenton, MO.  Served as the district missions representative for the Foursquare West Texas District. Served as the president of the local ministerial alliances in both Trenton, MO and Terry County, TX.  Served as a volunteer chaplain for local hospitals and hospice, and as a member of the mayor’s and County commissioner's council on “Healthy Communities.” Have organized, led and spoken at numerous community-wide events.  Have regularly presented daily devotions on local radio and have been a regular contributor of articles for local newspapers.  As a manager and as a minister, have had much experience organizing and coordinating volunteers.


Previous to entering full-time pastoral ministry, work experience includes project management, supervision of employees, leadership development, volunteerism.  I have served in church leadership most of my adult life.  I have taught every age group.  I have, at various times, served as Youth Director, Singles Ministries Director, Worship Director, Adult Ministries Director, Sunday School Director, Children’s Church Director, Men’s Ministries Director, Bereavement Counselor...  I have served as a church elder, church business council member, chairman of church building committee and church janitor.  I have organized and spoken at seminars and retreats.  I have performed in numerous dramatic and musical productions.  I have been a radio and television producer / director / announcer, I have authored two books with more in process...  My wide and varied experience over the years has given me  a good understanding of not only Christian ministry and church operation, but of how to lead, how to teach, how to build and foster teamwork, how to organize and manage projects and people...  But more importantly, all this has been born out of the heart God has given me to love, encourage and minister to people.


Computer skills including word processing, publishing, power point, spreadsheets, web administration, etc.  



E d u c a t i o n                                                                                                                                                                           

            Norwich University             Master of Science Degree – Organizational Leadership  (MSOL) 

            Northfield, VT                                 (cum laude)                 

L.I.F.E. Pacific College       Bachelor of Arts Degree – Ministry and Leadership  (BAML)
            San Dimas, CA                              (magna cum laude)                  
            Glendale College               Hemodialysis chemistry, anatomy and clinical intensive 
                Glendale, CA                              (Certification:  Hemodialysis Technician)
            Maplewoods College         Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)  
            Kansas City, MO            
            Southeast High                   High School Diploma
            Kansas City, MO            

O t h e r     E d u c a t i o n


²                  U.M.K.C. (University of Missouri - Kansas City) Professional Development Seminars: 

                Professional Management, Project Management, Communicating with Understanding


²                  Focusing Leaders - Seminar / workshop (Foursquare Midwest & South Central Districts)


²                  Empowered Coaching – Seminar / workshop (Foursquare West Texas District)


²                  Hospice Volunteer Training – Wright Memorial Hospital


²                  Holiday Retirement Corp. Leadership Academy - Graduate 

                                       ²                  E.T.T.A. (Evangelistic Teacher’s Training Association) - Completed entire course of study, receiving highest gold-seal certificate of achievement

                                                    ²                  Numerous Christian Seminars, including:  Many and varied aspects of Christian Education, Church Growth, Marriage and Family issues,

                             Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Development, Promoting Volunteerism, etc.